Founded in 2014, Citadel Structural Mechanics applies Finite Element Analysis expertise with R&D and Product Development experience across a variety of industries and markets.

A central principle for the company is to deliver greater value by providing more than just an analysis. In every effort, we strive to solve the problems and meet the challenges of our clients by taking the next step, guiding our customers with recommendations – and the analysis results to back them up. Put us to the test!

About the Founder

Guided by a desire to bring greater value with FEA in the Product Development environment, John Armacost, Citadel’s founder, set out to create a different kind of company:

“It’s not enough to do high-quality FEA work – that is a prerequisite. To deliver high value for clients, you must provide the client with solutions after identifying the problems. FEA provides a valuable lens to gain insight into design problems. In the hands of an experienced development engineer/analyst, that insight guides the creation of workable solutions. Speaking both languages, that of analysis and design, creates synergy, fueling innovation.”